This is a place for the current state of WIPS

Afghan WIPS

Sunshine Rainbowghan – 18 of 128 complete
Sock Blankie – ? Of ? Complete
BOM Afghan – 6 of 12 complete
Zig Zag Blanket haven’t figured out finished sizing yet
BW LTKA – 7 of 63 complete


Axis by Michelle Hunter 1 complete 1 partial update Finished 1/29/12
Dept of Mystery Mystery Socks 1 complete 1 partial
Orange Pekoe by Cookie A. 1 complete


Marilinda by Cookie A. 1 complete 1 partial


Progressive Sock Party by Chrissy Gardiner 1 complete 1 partial
Skew 1 complete 1 partial

Other WIPS

Kniterati Mystery by Janel Laidman partway through clue 2




Lia Sweater body is done just needs sleeves
CPH back is done need fronts and sleeves


Taygete by Romi Hill
Winter Buzz Mitts by Michelle Hunter 1 complete, 1 partial


Every Way Wrap

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