Knitting: From one addiction to another


Addiction in progress

So not to be too serious today, but I need to talk about addiction.  Addiction has been at the forefront of my life because I’ve just been surrounded in it, always.  Mostly because I am an addict (of many things) and most of those around me are as well.  I also grew up in a houseful of addicts.  Some addictions can be good, like healthy eating and exercising and some can be bad, illegal drugs, overspending money, etc.  Take a good hard look at yourself, I bet you might find an addict in yourself.  And this is not the time to confess or anything, but there is also a saying “It’s all about the moderation.”

But how does one moderate when taking on a new project? In my case, the Spectra Wrap, or maybe it’s a scarf?  No matter… this project is exhilarating.  I am in love and yes… addicted to it.  It’s one of those patterns that is just so easy and captures you from the beginning.  I really was not expecting to be so enraptured with it.  I thought, hey, that’s a cool pattern, I might like to try that some day.  And then I came across this pretty skein of “Crazy Zauberball” yarn and knew it would become this project.  I wasn’t totally enthralled with the purples in my stash for the solid piece of this and I ended up going with this dark grey/brown color called Shadow Canyon.  It’s actually been in my SELL bag, but I pulled it out and wound it the other evening.  It’s probably not the best color pairing, but at this point, I don’t care because the bright pinks and purple of the Zauberball definitely take center stage!

Anyway this is one of those easy to remember, just go with the flow kind of patterns.  It’s part garter, part stockinette stitch, it has short rows which make interesting shaping and if you are using a graded yarn or even different colors for the color blocks, the knitting becomes so much fun to see what comes next.  Good knitting bud, Karen Maxwell turned me on to this pattern.  She’s using a pretty purple for the main color and really awesome striping Noro for the “Color” changes.  I haven’t seen it since she first started, heck, she may be done by now, but in any case, I have completed 7 wedges and want to keep going and going and going….


So when does addiction become a problem?  You neglect yourself, your family, your house, work, you just have to have or do that thing.  For me it’s knitting.  It consumes me, it infiltrates my mind and it’s all I can think about.  Today for instance while working, I’m in my head going over however many wedges per day can I make?  And when will that get me done?  I thought about moderation, there’s 86 wedges, I have 7 done, that’s 79 left.  If I knit one a day, that’s just over 2 months and I’ll be complete.  Two months?!  Two months is much to long, what about 2 a day… or 3 or, maybe 5 a day?  Yes, 5 a day would get me done in just under 3 weeks.  Can I do 5 a day, how much is too much?  How do I lose control?


Today it’s Spectra.  I can’t recall the last time a project gripped me this hard.  I was sort of like that with the kniterati mystery by Janel Laidman in early February, but that wasn’t so much of an addiction as I just really want to get this done because I love it and want to wear it.  Of course that plan fell apart numerous times and now she is sitting on the unfinished back burner… perhaps forever, we’ll see.  In any case, it’s been a long time since I had this uber urge to leave my life, lock myself up with my sweet, sweet yarn and knit until my fingers bleed.