Travel – NYC Day 2

So today, we were all over the city. We were up and out early to head downtown to battery park for breakfast and the statue of liberty. We hopped on the subway, Sarah’s first ride. There were a couple of confusing points, but we figured it out. Now I feel like I know the layout better. Anyway we grabbed breakfast at a little deli. Then we walked around battery park which had really pretty gardens – snapped some photos there. We then headed to pick up our tickets, and we had lots of time before they opened so we sat and knit for a bit.
20120903-212939.jpg 20120903-213011.jpg

Once the place opened we got our tix for the ferry and hit the gift shop. I bought a book of photo prints, and another set of smaller prints. A sheet of magnets and a pretty bookmark.


I also got a bank that is in the shape of the statues head – but I don’t want to unwrap to photo now.

Then it was nearly time for the ferry and we stood in line, went thru security and on the boat. Enjoyable ride over. The statue is completely closed for renovation though which is a bummer but it was a beautiful day to be there after that we hopped over to Ellis Island which was interesting and I probably would have enjoyed more but I was pooped by that point. So after we returned to the mainland, we grabbed a hot dog from a street vendor and walked to ground zero.
20120903-212556.jpg 20120903-212617.jpg20120903-212638.jpg20120903-212705.jpg20120903-212725.jpg20120903-212750.jpg

We needed tickets to view the memorial but were too tired to head the several blocks away to get them. We plan to go back tho. There was an Indian place on the corner there so we had lunch. It was pretty good, then we headed back to hotel. I took a short nap and then we headed uptown.
20120903-213104.jpg 20120903-213120.jpg 20120903-213044.jpg

20120903-213141.jpg 20120903-213158.jpg
Due to an oversight in distance/how to get there we made a seriously long trek to the history museum. Anyway nice day out, good walk. Museum was interesting. Great dinosaur exhibit and sea life exhibit. After we headed over to times square which was insane!!! Hit up dean and delucas and then to grand central.

For dinner we picked a very close French Restaurant, Parigot. After we headed to Ferrara’s and picked up some dessert items. I got a cream puff and eclair and a cannoli. Great ending to a very busy day!