Design : another Rainbow

I recently lucked out and got picked for a rainbow series swap. The first color up was red and someone dropped out so I got in. Cool thing is, once you’re in, you are in for the whole series. So I received the first set, the reds a few weeks ago.


Not the best photo or very true to color, but there is a nice variation from dark to light. So I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to do with these minis once I have them all. I’ve decided not to use them in the original blankie. I decided I would do something rainbowish, but what?

Do I do straight rows of each color or do I vary the colors and place intermittently? Today I drew up a couple of ideas. I’m itching to start but I only have reds which is why I was thinking about doing color strips. Anyway here’s my design dump for now.

And since it’s WIP Sunday I’ll bust out the other blankie minis and work on that. Maybe it will curb the castonitis I have. 🙂