Food : first Poolish, part 1

Today, I decided to start my first try with a “starter” bread. In the past I’ve made that amish friendship bread, which is technically a starter bread, but I’ve never started my own. Poolish is also a term I hadn’t heard of before. Basically it’s just a pre-ferment.

And why would you want a pre-ferment? Well some types of bread need it, like sourdough for instance. This process gives the breads a different taste. It also creates those nice big bubbles in the dough.

I started this process today using the recipe from Jeffrey Hamelman’s book,
BREAD. He’s a master baker and instructor that I learned about in the workshop I went to last week. Since he’s the best, I’ll try it out. The dough I’m making is technically his baguette recipe however, we used it last week as a great all purpose dough. We made the grissini, focaccia and pizza dough from this same recipe. Our ciabatta was a much wetter dough. I may try a starter for that tomorrow.

So part one is the Poolish and this is what it looks like. Tomorrow, I will add the rest of the ingredients to the poolish and make the dough, which will need to rest and be shaped and rest again.