Travel – NYC DAY 1

So my first vacation in too many months! I left work and headed to PA yesterday. Made good time, but it’s always such a boring drive and I was pooped after working part of the day as well.

We got up fairly early today and I thought we’d get on the road a bit earlier, but no biggie or a rush. So it was about 7AM when we left the house. Unfortunately we got stuck in traffic about 30 minutes to get through the tunnel on our way out of Pittsburgh. After that, traffic was medium to light and we made good headway. The drive was fairly easy going though PA is a LONG ass state!!!

Finally we were into NJ and the trip through the Holland Tunnel wasn’t too bad. Traffic was lighter than I thought it would be and I actually was able to navigate pretty easily with Sarah’s help of course. When we found the hotel, there was no where to park though, so I passed it, then trying to get back to it, we had to make a long route around the block because a traffic cop wouldn’t let me turn RIGHT. ugh! After that around the block, I pulled to the side of the hotel, Sarah jumped out to ask where we park and they said, it was Valet only which was fine, but we had to be IN FRONT. So around the block we go again! Finally, we unload and get to our room. The bellman was super sweet and nice!!!

Then we headed off to Lombardi’s Pizzeria. It was pretty decent pizza. I would definitely go back. The crust was delicious, crispy, thin, chewy. I’m not one for much marinara sauce, but this was seriously some of the best sauce I’ve EVER tasted… and I’m really not kidding. It was just the right salt, and spices and sweet… OMG. We got the Original Margherita, which had delicious fresh mozzarella on it. So yeah, great FIRST NY PIZZA experience.
20120903-211714.jpg 20120903-211756.jpg
After that we walked around a big and went to Fluevogs where I saw gorgeous shoes that I wanted and then we stopped off at Pinkberry and I was so excited because I’ve been dying to try it for, forever!!! And it was super delicious. We walked around soho, looking at buildings and places and oh so much. I think I love this place, not sure how much the rent is, but I really want to move in!