Knitting : Excuses excuses….

So a few weeks ago, I promised not to start anything new until spectra was complete. I’m half way there. But last week in utter defiance of myself and apparent lack of self control this beautiful soft color set in greens just would not shut up. It was hanging out on my coffee table, loitering, really. It just sat there mocking me.

On the other hand, I was hanging out on Ravelry (a complete mistake of epic proportions) in the forums and like an idiot was seduced by the shiny. What was i doing on Ravelry, why wasn’t I knitting?!

Lately, there’s a project getting lots of press in the sunshine yarnies forum. I’ve seen it for weeks but wasn’t going to make it. There’s a ton of color work patterns out there I certainly didn’t need to buy one. But as I said, ooohhh shiny! So there I went, shopping and bought the Aranami shawl pattern.

In Japanese, Aranami means waves and that is what this pattern looks like. I think what captured me most about this design is the modular construction. You start with one motif and keep adding on and it grows. It definitely reminds me of the sock yarn blankie. but it’s very simple and you can really do anything when it comes to colors for this. So I was hooked and my pretty green Aloe kit was wound up and I started it! The pattern is super simple to remember and I can just pick up and go wherever without fear of losing place.

I still have not knit much this last week, but I’m making slow and steady progress. It seems like ages since I’ve finished anything. But I’ll keep on, keeping on. Heres hoping this will be complete before new york! And speaking of, I need to figure out a good project to take and knit in NYC. Socks? Shawl? Scarf?


Knitting: WIP Sunday continues

I have continued with WIP Sunday today, however rather than work on a sock as had previously planned, I worked on something more recent. The Janel Laidman mystery shawl. I started it a couple of weeks ago when the first clue was released. I set it down to work on my other things and it was a bit boring. I knit a massive ton today. It feels like a million rows of garter stitch. I could count them, but I’m over it now.

Anyway there’s these loops that require picking up, 290 of them to be exact. After picking these up a lace section starts. I’m on row 3 of that section. These are REALLY long rows. It might take me a bit to finish this one. A new cowl KAL is supposed to start on the 8th though.

Well here’s the before and aft:



The color in the first one is more accurate.