Disturbing and sad news of the world

Words can’t entirely express my feelings right now. I’m sort of reeling from a very sad story published in this months rolling stones. A very dear friend of mine posted the link on FB. The article was very long and very wordy. Those words told a story of hate and violence all happening in the name of religion and politics. I’m definitely not blaming God here, but the people that abuse in his name.

Political leaders in this very RIGHT area are persecuting the gay community. Not only the gay community but CHILDREN. I can’t even begin to describe my dread over this. According to the article 7 kids committed suicide in a particular district. Of that 7, 4 were reportedly gay or had been bullied and accused of being gay, yet the school district and specifically teachers stood by and did nothing to help these kids that were being tormented. They were afraid of the backlash or of losing their jobs. I’m not entirely blaming the teachers there but mostly the politicians. I cannot stomach that no one stepped in though.

I support those that want to be religious in whatever church or religion they want to have, but when you preach that another person has no value because they aren’t the same as you or fit into your mold, you are flat out wrong. There is no justification for demoralizing or vilifying another person for their beliefs, gender or sexual orientation.

When will this world stop and think and preach or teach acceptance, understanding and love?