Knitting : slow and steady

I’ve been steadily progressing on the Aranami shawl. Which after looking at last night I’m going to get nowhere near the size the designer did. Yes I used different yarn but used same needle size. My gauge was about half of hers. So maybe after all my loose knitting on other items, these were tight? Doesn’t really matter except that I won’t really be able to wear this as a wrap around scarf like I like. It’ll be more of a shawlette.

I have one last color and hen I’ll be done. If I can get some serious knitting in this weekend, then maybe, but I’m not going to push it. I’ve had a lot of arm muscle fatigue lately when I knit too much.


I also received a bag full of minis yesterday, which reminds me I need to get back to that darn blanket! The theme was rainbows and sparkles. About half the minis are sparkles I was surprised there weren’t more. Anyway the bottom half are the sparkle yarns although in he pic you don’t see it so much. Love the sparkles!!


Knitting : rainbow minis continued

Just the other day, I received the next batch of rainbow minis. Yellows and oranges. Boy are they fantastic. Still not sure what project to make up, but I can’t wait. I’ve also sent off the blue and green minis for the next set. Last will be purple.

In other news, I seem to have lost spectra. Serves me right for throwing him in a corner while I toil away on the wanderer. Which by the way is half done!! Wow!!!


Oh and in case you missed it, the reds….