Knitting: sometimes you might need to vomit!

So sometimes in knitting as with life, crap happens. I’ve been known to drop stitches, pick em up and fix things and move right along. Tonight while working on the flurries cowl, I hit a spot where a tiny little stitch jumped off the needle. I tried picking it back up, but it was too tricky. Then I dropped the first 4 stitches off the needle for about three rows but could not figure how to get them back on. So I contemplated puking!!! Seriously. But then I just decided to pull the needle out. I lightly pulled the yarn and watched my beautiful knitting unwind itself/fall apart. After I went back about 5 rows, I picked up all the stitches and went right back to work. It was a success. And lest you think this was a small success let me just say,that this mess was brioche stitch. Not a stitch pattern for the feint of heart. It has a lot of yarn overs, slipped stitches and k2togs. So not only did I unravel it, I picked it back up!! This cowl will be done tomorrow!

I should have taken photo evidence of this, but didn’t even think of it at the time. I was too annoyed at losing that knitting time. Said project is below before I did a bunch more knitting, then messed up.

In other news I need to plan some house cup projects and get going on those. Then I also have to figure out what I’m taking to camp to work on which is in two weeks.

And since it’s February 2012 I have to get a new drivers license and new tags and an oil change all before next weekend. Good grief!!!