Life: An organized life? And a new place for lunch.

So today while out doing errands I stopped off at the container store. This place has been in my top 5 for quite some time. The last few weeks Brian has done a tremendous job cleaning dishes and cleaning off the counters and actually putting things away. We’ve been keeping up with the dishes daily so they don’t mount up and pile up and take over. It’s been a better place to cook and live.

So when all those items are clean at the same time, I found we’ve really run out of room and drawer space and especially cupboard space. I’ve slowly been getting rid of larger items not being used, but this weekend I decided to tackle the drawer spaces. Hence my trip to the container store.

When I walked in a gal found me a guy to help with solutions. His name was Charlie and he was absolutely delightful. We talked a good while and he showed me tons of options. After he left me I milled about the store picking up various items. I’m not sure what is going to work best in certain drawers, so I grabbed different things hoping to test em out. What doesn’t work can go back. So I’m very excited to go about this project. Once my drawers get organized, I’ll spend some more time on the cupboards but that could get costly because I’m thinking I want to install those roller shelves for the bottom of the cupboards. I can never reach anything in the back and consequently lose space. The upper level of the cupboards already have the rolling shelves, but I think the bottom space would definitely benefit from them.

So I’m in this completely great mood, the sun is out, I’m happy, decide to head off to Temptations for my book they’ve been holding forever… and I get all the way across town only to get stopped with all these road closures because of the damn parade!!! I literally can not get even close enough to park and walk to the store. Dublin is such a nuisance, I truly hate this place. Anyway, I decided to check out Dibella’s since it’s lunchtime.

Let’s talk Cheesesteak for a minute. I’m a plain jane when it comes to subs. I like meat and cheese and bread. Now I WILL eat other items on my sub, but for the first try out I want the true flavors to come through. Sure any toppings can make things better, but does that mean the core is any good? So I went with plain bread, steak and provolone cheese.

So on the 1-5 scale, 1 bad, 5 good:

For Flavor I give a 1. Bread was boring, decent texture, but no flavor. Meat was very boring, no flavor at all and even the provolone was tasteless.
For options I give a 5 – they have quite a few sizing options and meats and cheeses and toppings.
Staff: 2 they were polite, but not friendly or smiley or anything

Other pros: Free wireless which I’m on right now. Great soundtrack… loving the big band sounds they have playing!!!! Seriously I feel like I should be in old fashioned garb. Totally digging it. Place is also pretty spacious and since I sat off from the regular area, I’m over here alone and it’s nice and relaxing. Also place looks pretty clean. And though the parade is going on streets away, there was really no waiting to place or receive my order, of course everyone else may be stuck in traffic. 🙂

I think I would probably try the place again, get something different. Prices seem on par with other places, but in my opinion, Penn Station still has the best cheesesteak around Columbus. So later today perhaps I’ll post a before/after of the drawer organizing, I can’t wait!