Life: Lazy = embarrassed part 1

So, I took pictures of the chaos because I wanted to preserve a place I don’t want to be (again). I opened all those drawers and photographed them “in the raw.” I’m definitely embarrassed that things have gone so out of control. I’m a little embarrassed to post these to the public to see. But when we moved into this house several years ago, I didn’t have any organization set up. Things were thrown in drawers (this is how it was where I grew up, too). So when you don’t start with the right organizational tools or you just don’t think about it, unfortunately it’s easy for things to be out of control. I have a great segue way for control here, but let me hold that for later, hopefully I’ll remember.

Moving on… this morning I grabbed a box and one of the giant container store bags and emptied the drawers. I did one at a time. I started with the big drawer. I was arranging and rearranging the different containers I had purchased yesterday. Here’s the thing, I tend to me a “matchy” person but I didn’t know what form and material and sizes would work best. I grabbed an assortment of items. Now I came up with a great layout for the big drawer, but guess what, I didn’t like the way it looked. I had clear acrylic, white plastic and wire mesh items. While everything fit well, I didn’t think I could live with it. I decided to put that drawer on hold.

So I moved on to the next drawer. This is my most often used drawer. It stores all the stuff I use to cook. It’s between the stove and sink and where I typically prep everything. Measuring cups, spoons, cookie cutters, biscuit cutters… ok just everything. And how often do I need a biscuit cutter? When is the last time I made biscuits? Anyway, completely unorganized and I can’t find anything. Perfect example, last weekend I need the pastry blender which is a fairly sizable item. Say about the size of an average hand. I searched and searched and rooted to know avail and used a fork. Guess what I found today… the effing pastry blender. Also last week while cutting the cinnamon roll log into actual rolls, I used a knife. Yes it worked fine and dandy, but guess what, I have a tool for that, an actual pastry cutter, it even has different blades depending on what/how you want to cut! Anyway, the drawer has been emptied and bleached.





I don’t know that everything will remain where it currently is. I have way more cookie cutters and no more will fit here, so I definitely need a bigger container and these may move to the bigger drawer.. But this is the start. And now that I know how things look and work together, I can go back to the container store, take back all the unwanted items and get other items that matc or that work better for the space. And funnily enough of all the items I bought yesterday for the drawers, I think the most expensive item was $12.99… I ended up with the cheapest organizer set. I think the set of 3 was like $4 or $5 and I bought 2 sets and the beauty is they fit snug, side by side using all available drawer space and can easily be popped in and out of the drawer.

One thing I learned about this process is that when you don’t know what you have, how do you know what type of container to pick. I wish I’d known that earlier, it would have made understanding Charlie’s questions a lot easier. He kept asking questions like, “what is in your drawers” or “what type of tools?” I kept saying you know kitchen stuff, measuring cups, cookie cutters, etc. I’ve come to the conclusion he was trying to give me options based on the size of things I had in the drawer. But since I didn’t give good answers, he kept asking the same questions. Now I know. However, I was proud of myself that I actually took the drawer measurements with me. When I get ready to do the cupboards, I will take stock of what I have, what I want to organize and then make the trip.