Pregnancy : 36.5 weeks

Pretty uneventful lately. Christmas was nice with all the Tuthills. I quickly made a scarf for Makayla that morning. She appeared to like it. We received some money and gift cards for baby stuff. Thankful for that so I can go buy some diapers and such.

Had my first cervix check earlier in the week. Nothing to report there, no dilation yet. Did have a small contraction while hooked up to monitor, which I didn’t feel. Baby was moving around at the same time so I’m not sure if That is why I didn’t notice.

I have an ultrasound later today to check measurements. Hopefully I can see his little face its been awhile. And maybe by next Tues appt we will have some dilation progress. Would certainly be awesome to meet this little one. Of course not getting my hopes up and am trying to be relaxed about it. I think he will be hanging on for a bit. But hopefully dr won’t make me wait a full three weeks and we can wrap this up in two. I have no more patience for work. 🙂

Pregnancy : Run of the mill update

So I’ve neglected writing in the blog for some time again.  For no good reason except that I’m a little lazy.  Things have been busy now and again, but not too bad all the way around.

A few weeks ago at work, they had a shower for me.  i received some great goodies and several gift cards.  We had really good cake and punch.  Fun time over all.  Then this past weekend, my sister and cousin threw my friends/family baby shower.  We had a really great turn out, with good snacks and food and of course the gifts.  Good lord, I am always awed at how thoughtful all the people in my life are.  It just overwhelms me.  My little one will be well blanketed and clothed!  I receive some nice fleecy sleepers and plenty of onesies.  Some cute socks.  Several awesome hand knits!!!  Also sheets for the crib and the pack n play.  The pack N play should be arriving soon.  Waiting on mom to order it.  She also got me a diaper bag and filled it with lots of goodies, too.  Thought that was a terrific idea.  Got the glider I REALLY wanted, I can’t wait until Brian puts it together and I get to sit in it.  Brian’s brother and his wife got us the stroller/car seat combo and I absolutely LOVE it.  Haven’t installed the seat just yet, but with some nicer temps coming up, I may do that by end of the week.  Would hate to mess with it in the finger numbing cold!

My sister was a busy bee making stuff.  She said she started when I first told her I was pregnant.  One of my favorite little sets that I know she’s made for others, she did make so I was excited for that.  It’s a sweater, hat, mitts, and socks set.  Very simple, yet classic pieces.  She also made a sleep sack with little owls that I really wanted too, so that was really awesome.

I’ve made a couple of items myself.  I have a BSJ I made right after finding out.  Then recently I’ve worked up 2 small hats and am working on a matching set up pants.  Have the front of the pants done, just need to make the back.  If I have enough yarn left I want to make the matching booties, too.  I won’t have enough yarn for the sweater, but I can probably make it in a different yarn.  Of course I have various afghans in progress, I had planned on finishing something before this child came, but I definitely don’t think that will be happening.  I wanted to make a quilt too, but haven’t found THE design just yet.  I made go simple and just do charm squares or something.  We shall see.

Other than that, I’m piling up the bills with all these tests and ultrasounds that need done.  So far everything does look pretty good.  We saw a cardiologist at Children’s hospital a few weeks ago.  There’s a small chance of a heart issue very common with Diabetic moms.  Of course it wasn’t totally conclusive so I have to go back in two weeks to have another scan done.  Next week, I’m stacked with appointments, Tuesday, I have another ultrasound to check baby’s growth as well as my first non-stress test.  Then Wednesday I will meet our future pediatrician and Thursday is my regular prenatal and 2nd non-stress test.  From there on out Dr. Arora wants me to have the NSTs done twice a week.  Plus I will have at least one more ultrasound, probably mid to late December.

Dr. A and I also talked about the possibility of moving the delivery up to the end of December as well.  He bumped me up two weeks initially so my new due date is 1/6.  But I’ll be 37 weeks on 12/30, so I’m hoping baby will be ready and we can go that week.  I hate to do it between the holidays, but with all the meds and such it will be such a HUGE money saver.  Plus I’ll be done working after my maternity leave, so money will definitely be tight.  It’ll all work out as it should but those are my hopes.

Plus I’m just so excited to see this crazy little bouncing, kicking active boy that’s been in my belly.  I still haven’t settled on a name either, but it will hit me, probably when I see him.  For now, he’s just baby tut.

I have plenty of pics from the shower, but those will have to wait for another time!

Pregnancy – It’s a BOY!


We found out several weeks ago that our baby is a BOY.  Something I had felt from the beginning for some odd reason.  Anyway, now i can continue to plan what type of quilt to make and perhaps more knitting items that aren’t in pretty girl colors.  I’m definitely excited to meet this little person.

Our appointments have been going pretty well.  I had an “anatomy scan” a few weeks ago at MFM (high risk clinic) where they took measurements of lots of parts and looked inside to see his internal organs.  Everything looked to be ok.  He was measuring a little big at that point.  Because he was lying transverse (horizontal with his belly down), I had to go back again to get additional measurements.  They made a few 3D images like the one above.  Today he measured to be 1lb 5 oz. and is in the 55th percentile.

In another 2 weeks I’ll go in for a fetal echo (at children’s hospital).  This is to ensure there are no problems with the heart.  A few weeks after that I’ll go in for a growth scan (at MFM).  Again to see how big the baby is.  That should be around 28 weeks.

In speaking with Dr. Arora last week at my normal prenatal visit, we talked about WHEN I would be delivering and he thinks around 38 weeks, so hopefully on/around 1/6/14, the little mister will be here.  And that is only 15 weeks away.  January seems kind of far off, but 15 weeks SOUNDS like it’s right around the corner.

Have a ton to do around the house still.  Hopefully I’ll begin feeling a little more motivated to do so.  In any case other than feeling nauseated about some foods (even thinking of them).  I’ve been feeling ok.  A little stiff and sore in spots and still not sleeping entirely well, but over all, not as bad as I’ve heard others.

Pregnancy : Week 8 (ish)

So far so good.  Still no nausea, morning sickness, etc.  Been feeling pretty good emotionally and physically ok, except for a few aches and maybe “growing” pains?  I think some of my ab muscles are stretching or something… I’m not getting big at this point, but I think things are definitely shifting about to make some room.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem really real that I am actually pregnant because I don’t have all those common symptons.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful… but at this stage, a little reassurance would be nice.  Cause I just don’t FEEL pregnant.  I know in the months to come that will all change… and I’m sure I’ll be laughing that I even had these thoughts and wrote this down.

Baby is the size of a raspberry or grape depending on what website you are on.  It’s funny, they continue to compare it to fruit, which I guess gives a good image of the size.  I find it so amazing that it’s so little for so long… then all of a sudden… it’s a baby… like a big one!  Well hopefully not too big. 🙂

I met my new doctor this week and I LOVE him.  He’s very kind and a little silly.  But even with the silliness he’s very serious and caring and wants the very best for my health and babys.  I’m glad I was referred to him and I think we’ll have a successful partnership.  I will see Dr. Lang on the side though too and they will work together regarding all my risk factors.

I will have an ultrasound to check baby’s progress at week 10 (7/2).  Around then, they may do the blood test for Down’s Syndrome.  Dr. Arora asked me how I felt about it and quite honestly, I don’t care.  I know it takes a little more to raise a special needs child, but would I love it any less?  I can’t imagine doing so.  So I’ll have the blood test, but I am refusing the amnio test.  I’ll take my chances at that point.  It’s nice to be prepared, I guess, but I’ll do whatever it takes in the end.  Kind of feel the same about the cystic fibrosis test.

Anyway… no new pics or anything fun to share.  My mind has been racing with all kinds of baby projects… I feel like I have castonitis all of a sudden.  I want to KNIT. ALL. THE. BLANKETS!

I also need to plan a quilt to be sewn as well.  Speaking of quilting, I’m way behind of my blocks of the months… so very soon I need to catch up on those too!  Oh and another trip to Grand Rapids is planned in 2 weeks.  It will be nice to see the city out from under a blanket of snow!