Travel – NYC Day 3

Day 3 in NYC took us to the arts. We stopped off by Central Park Central Park west to see the Dakota, and Strawberry Fields. It was a beautiful spot. Then we headed over to the Guggenheim and had a bit of a disappointment. The spiral was closed for an installation – reopening June 8th or there abouts. Since we already paid via the City Pass, we did check out the wings but definitely a let down for me.

So, down the street we hopped to the Met. HOLY WOW! I definitely need to come back here. The place was so big and so full of gorgeous. We were so tired after walking so much, that I really didn’t get to see much or fully enjoy it. I did get to see many Van Goghs which made me happy. especially since there were a few I hadn’t see before. After viewing, we hit the gift shop where I got a bonus for checking in on Foursquare. It was a free tote bag and in my fave color, GREEN!

We decided to rest and grabbed a pretzel from the street vendor and camped out a bit by the fountain in the front. We eventually headed back to the hotel for a bit, then off to the deli.

We had to venture to the lower east side first which was a bit sketchy for a few. We went to the pickle guys which wasn’t what I expected. Thought it would be a store to get pickles… and it was but literally it was smaller than my garage, like a stall really. And they have barrels of pickles, just sitting there. You tell ’em what you want and they grab it right out for you, it’s very weird. Anyway, we grabbed a pickle and headed out and walked over to Katz Deli.

This is the deli from when Harry Met Sally… a fact I didn’t really know until we were there. It was a very confusing ordering system and my meal was eh. The knishs were delicious tho!!

After that we popped back over to soho to head back to purl soho. I bought a little kit type thing to make a clasp purse. Also bought another Baggu Bag – which I love! Then it took us forever to walk back to the hotel because we kept getting turned around. I was angry and tired. My legs and feet were in so much pain, I can’t even describe it.

I laid down immediately after we got back. Eventually I took a very hot bath to soak my legs and it did work and they felt a little better. Sarah’s friends came to town and had dinner near our hotel, so she met up with them for a few minutes while I rested. That was pretty much our day.