Knitting: The Year of the Afghan

It’s a new year so we shall try a new blog. Around Christmas I decided to knit the learn to knit afghan by Barbara Walker. I decided if I could do a minimum of 1 square a week plus squeeze in the extra 11 at some point I could be done in a year.

I was off to a good start and have finished 7 squares so far. Five can be seen below.






Although, the last couple weeks my interest has gone elsewhere. I started working on the sock yarn blankie again. I figured I needed another 550 ish squares to get the size I wanted. That said if I did two squares a day, I could be done in nine months.


In one of the rav forums, someone mentioned the book “Domino Knitting.” I didn’t find that in town, but found “Knit to Be Square” by the same author. In that book there’s a gorgeous rainbow like afghan. The pattern is similar to the Around the World quilt pattern I’ve always wanted to make. Then this led me to wanting to use all the sunshine minis I’ve been collecting. I got them out sorted into color groups and immediately cast on. In the first day, I completed 6 squares.



But then, I decided I didn’t want the squares to be that varied like the minis were. I wanted more solids so I ordered a true red, Ruby Slippers and a gorgeous green, Emerald from Sunshine Yarns. And then I ripped out several of the squares I had completed at that point, which was 4 total leaving me with 3. I got right back to knitting when the new yarn arrived.

Now I have three strips of 6 complete and started the next strip. I’m really loving this project! Although I do need to update my progress photos.


While I was waiting for the new sunshine to arrive I decided to get out a WIP project, my BOM afghan from 2010. I had a partial square done, so I knit the other half of it. That brings me to 6 of 12 done. I’m going to try and squeeze those other 6 in. Maybe one per month. Then I’ll be done in 6 months and that will be 4 afghans for the year.

But wait, there’s more!

Since I was no longer using all the sunshine minis, they had to go somewhere and I cast on the cute zig zag blanket. After the first few rows I still have partial minis left, so I started yet ANOTHER project. The mini mania scarf. All of these projects are long and ongoing. Which I’m okay with. I’m switching things up and enjoying them.

But lest we think I never finish anything, I got some old WIPS out and I’m going to work on finishing them. I have several partial pairs of socks that need finished, so that is where I’m starting. Axis is the name of the sock pattern, by Michelle Hunter. I can’t remember when I started it. It’s a lovely green by Neighborhood Fiber Co. and the first sock has been done for quite sometime. The second sock was started and a partial foot is done. Hopefully it won’t take me too long to finish up.

So that’s what I’m up to. The year of the Afghan and the WIPS! Onward!