Travel – NYC Day 4

So day 4 started a little slow for us. Slept well and for the first time didn’t want to get out of bed. Slow on the move, but breakfast back at the Landmark Diner, took forever to get our food as they were really busy. Then we headed uptown to go to the Empire State building. By that time, there was a definite line, not as long as it got later, but it definitely took awhile to get to the top. It was really busy and hard to take good pictures, but we did it. We also headed up to the highest observatory, floor 102. That was definitely less crowded but it’s also not open to the fresh air.

I skipped the gift shop afterwards, just wanted to get down and out and SIT somewhere. MY feet are beat! Originally our next stop was going to be MOMA, but I just couldn’t do it. Wanted to, but I don’t think my feet could have taken the walk and the walk around the museum. Instead, we headed further up town to a couple of yarn shops. It was nice and definitely less crowded. Being touristy is fun and all… but when there are zillions around you doing the same thing, it can get overwhelming and tiring. So going out of the way to the yarn stores, was definitely less touristy.

The first stop was knitty city. Cute little store with most of the standard yarns we see everywhere, however, they did have a gem or 2 that I picked up. I also hadn’t planned on making the color affection shawl and they had a sample in there made with madtosh pashmina and oh my heavens… that is on my must make now. However, I went with Malabrigo instead. Yes, I could get it at home, but I bought it there. Have an orange, pink and red. I think it will be pretty… hoping so. Won’t cast on until Spectra is finished though.

Speaking of Spectra, I got the nicest compliment yesterday. We were on the subway and I was knitting. As his stop approached the guy sitting across from me got up to exit and before doing so said, “That’s really amazing by the way!” I thanked him and my heart melted a little. It was so unexpected and nice. 🙂 Made me feel great.

Anyway, after knitty city, we headed a few blocks up to the Yarn Co. When I looked this store up yesterday, I didn’t realize until then that this is the store that carries the exclusive yarns for the West Knits Shawl club! Anyway, we actually had to ring a buzzer to go up to the 2nd floor. The steps were very steep and narrow, but we made it. The yarn selection was more sparce, almost like a show room. When I asked about things, they went to the back to bring them out. Anyway, they had some exclusive color ways by mad tosh and lorna’s laces. I did find a few skeins of solemate which I’ve been looking for, so I grabbed 2 of those. Then they brought out the westknits yarns and I bought a few of those because I have the patterns and the yarn was REALLY pretty. One of the exclusive colors by mad tosh was Midnight in Manhattan, so I bought that too in the sock base. So after my few days of light shopping, I SHOPPED!

After the yarn high we had lunch at a cafe/diner spot. It was pretty tasty and fairly priced. There was a store I had seen earlier called Zabars. So while we ate, I looked it up. Said it was a gourmet epicurean something… so we decided to check it out. Great store, a little like Dean & Delucas but I think I liked it a little better. They had tons of meats, fishes, salami, breads… everything. If I lived here, I’d definitely shop there often! I did get a few items, coffee beans, chocolate bars, bagels and salami. I would have bought more, but our room doesn’t have a fridge. Boooo….

After all that, we headed back to the room to unload and nap. Then went to dinner in little italy which is down a couple of blocks. It was called La Mela. I got the gnocchi Santorina (I think). It was really fantastic. The gnocchi were really soft and creamy. The sauce was mild but good and it was topped with a ton of tasty mozzarella. Sarah ordered the manicotti and she really enjoyed that and then ordered Tiramisu. I tasted it and it was really delicious. Just like Tiramisu should taste. Then we stopped off at a couple of the souvenir stores. So a fun and busy day. Tomorrow is will be our last and well be headed to Jersey to see some original Jersey boys… Bon Jovi! Can’t wait!

Knitting : slow and steady

I’ve been steadily progressing on the Aranami shawl. Which after looking at last night I’m going to get nowhere near the size the designer did. Yes I used different yarn but used same needle size. My gauge was about half of hers. So maybe after all my loose knitting on other items, these were tight? Doesn’t really matter except that I won’t really be able to wear this as a wrap around scarf like I like. It’ll be more of a shawlette.

I have one last color and hen I’ll be done. If I can get some serious knitting in this weekend, then maybe, but I’m not going to push it. I’ve had a lot of arm muscle fatigue lately when I knit too much.


I also received a bag full of minis yesterday, which reminds me I need to get back to that darn blanket! The theme was rainbows and sparkles. About half the minis are sparkles I was surprised there weren’t more. Anyway the bottom half are the sparkle yarns although in he pic you don’t see it so much. Love the sparkles!!


Fiber: Holy Malabrigo batman!

So since I was at temptations, I decided to check out the malabrigo stash. My oh my! They just received a shipment of Arroyo so I got first dibs at those colors…. Super yummy. Annnd of course I bought some!

I definitely went with some great blues!

I got Rios, Arroyo and Sock.


Then I also picked up a skein of Noro Kureyon Silk Garden for another as yet unknown colorwork project. I photod it here with the Eggplant Malabrigo Sock.


So that was my expensive but fun trip to Dubin.

Yarn: what goes out comes back in

When I travelled to Pittsburgh last week, I was absolutely NOT going to buy yarn. I had no plans to go to any yarn stores at all. However, there is a hat I really want to make called Bedrock. It’s by Stepen West. The yarn used isn’t carried here in the area, but I did find it at a store in Canonsburg, which was about 15 minutes from Sarah’s house. So we hopped over there Thursday night. I had a little panic on buying that skein because it was only 98 yards and I just couldn’t see how it could make that hat. I wasn”t sure and it was too pricey to buy two skeins… and I didn’t want to buy one and not have enough… so I passed on it.

Instead, I bought some Rasta by Malabrigo in Teal, Madtosh DK in Worn Denim, Crazy Zauberball and String Theory Caper (cash blend sock yarn) in Jasmine.

Right now I only have plans for 2 of these yarns, the Zauberball is going into a spectra scarf and the Rasta is set aside for the next cowl in the great cowl kal of 2012, sponsored by Feministy.