Travel – NYC Day 4

So day 4 started a little slow for us. Slept well and for the first time didn’t want to get out of bed. Slow on the move, but breakfast back at the Landmark Diner, took forever to get our food as they were really busy. Then we headed uptown to go to the Empire State building. By that time, there was a definite line, not as long as it got later, but it definitely took awhile to get to the top. It was really busy and hard to take good pictures, but we did it. We also headed up to the highest observatory, floor 102. That was definitely less crowded but it’s also not open to the fresh air.

I skipped the gift shop afterwards, just wanted to get down and out and SIT somewhere. MY feet are beat! Originally our next stop was going to be MOMA, but I just couldn’t do it. Wanted to, but I don’t think my feet could have taken the walk and the walk around the museum. Instead, we headed further up town to a couple of yarn shops. It was nice and definitely less crowded. Being touristy is fun and all… but when there are zillions around you doing the same thing, it can get overwhelming and tiring. So going out of the way to the yarn stores, was definitely less touristy.

The first stop was knitty city. Cute little store with most of the standard yarns we see everywhere, however, they did have a gem or 2 that I picked up. I also hadn’t planned on making the color affection shawl and they had a sample in there made with madtosh pashmina and oh my heavens… that is on my must make now. However, I went with Malabrigo instead. Yes, I could get it at home, but I bought it there. Have an orange, pink and red. I think it will be pretty… hoping so. Won’t cast on until Spectra is finished though.

Speaking of Spectra, I got the nicest compliment yesterday. We were on the subway and I was knitting. As his stop approached the guy sitting across from me got up to exit and before doing so said, “That’s really amazing by the way!” I thanked him and my heart melted a little. It was so unexpected and nice. 🙂 Made me feel great.

Anyway, after knitty city, we headed a few blocks up to the Yarn Co. When I looked this store up yesterday, I didn’t realize until then that this is the store that carries the exclusive yarns for the West Knits Shawl club! Anyway, we actually had to ring a buzzer to go up to the 2nd floor. The steps were very steep and narrow, but we made it. The yarn selection was more sparce, almost like a show room. When I asked about things, they went to the back to bring them out. Anyway, they had some exclusive color ways by mad tosh and lorna’s laces. I did find a few skeins of solemate which I’ve been looking for, so I grabbed 2 of those. Then they brought out the westknits yarns and I bought a few of those because I have the patterns and the yarn was REALLY pretty. One of the exclusive colors by mad tosh was Midnight in Manhattan, so I bought that too in the sock base. So after my few days of light shopping, I SHOPPED!

After the yarn high we had lunch at a cafe/diner spot. It was pretty tasty and fairly priced. There was a store I had seen earlier called Zabars. So while we ate, I looked it up. Said it was a gourmet epicurean something… so we decided to check it out. Great store, a little like Dean & Delucas but I think I liked it a little better. They had tons of meats, fishes, salami, breads… everything. If I lived here, I’d definitely shop there often! I did get a few items, coffee beans, chocolate bars, bagels and salami. I would have bought more, but our room doesn’t have a fridge. Boooo….

After all that, we headed back to the room to unload and nap. Then went to dinner in little italy which is down a couple of blocks. It was called La Mela. I got the gnocchi Santorina (I think). It was really fantastic. The gnocchi were really soft and creamy. The sauce was mild but good and it was topped with a ton of tasty mozzarella. Sarah ordered the manicotti and she really enjoyed that and then ordered Tiramisu. I tasted it and it was really delicious. Just like Tiramisu should taste. Then we stopped off at a couple of the souvenir stores. So a fun and busy day. Tomorrow is will be our last and well be headed to Jersey to see some original Jersey boys… Bon Jovi! Can’t wait!

Travel – NYC Day 3

Day 3 in NYC took us to the arts. We stopped off by Central Park Central Park west to see the Dakota, and Strawberry Fields. It was a beautiful spot. Then we headed over to the Guggenheim and had a bit of a disappointment. The spiral was closed for an installation – reopening June 8th or there abouts. Since we already paid via the City Pass, we did check out the wings but definitely a let down for me.

So, down the street we hopped to the Met. HOLY WOW! I definitely need to come back here. The place was so big and so full of gorgeous. We were so tired after walking so much, that I really didn’t get to see much or fully enjoy it. I did get to see many Van Goghs which made me happy. especially since there were a few I hadn’t see before. After viewing, we hit the gift shop where I got a bonus for checking in on Foursquare. It was a free tote bag and in my fave color, GREEN!

We decided to rest and grabbed a pretzel from the street vendor and camped out a bit by the fountain in the front. We eventually headed back to the hotel for a bit, then off to the deli.

We had to venture to the lower east side first which was a bit sketchy for a few. We went to the pickle guys which wasn’t what I expected. Thought it would be a store to get pickles… and it was but literally it was smaller than my garage, like a stall really. And they have barrels of pickles, just sitting there. You tell ’em what you want and they grab it right out for you, it’s very weird. Anyway, we grabbed a pickle and headed out and walked over to Katz Deli.

This is the deli from when Harry Met Sally… a fact I didn’t really know until we were there. It was a very confusing ordering system and my meal was eh. The knishs were delicious tho!!

After that we popped back over to soho to head back to purl soho. I bought a little kit type thing to make a clasp purse. Also bought another Baggu Bag – which I love! Then it took us forever to walk back to the hotel because we kept getting turned around. I was angry and tired. My legs and feet were in so much pain, I can’t even describe it.

I laid down immediately after we got back. Eventually I took a very hot bath to soak my legs and it did work and they felt a little better. Sarah’s friends came to town and had dinner near our hotel, so she met up with them for a few minutes while I rested. That was pretty much our day.

Travel – NYC Day 2

So today, we were all over the city. We were up and out early to head downtown to battery park for breakfast and the statue of liberty. We hopped on the subway, Sarah’s first ride. There were a couple of confusing points, but we figured it out. Now I feel like I know the layout better. Anyway we grabbed breakfast at a little deli. Then we walked around battery park which had really pretty gardens – snapped some photos there. We then headed to pick up our tickets, and we had lots of time before they opened so we sat and knit for a bit.
20120903-212939.jpg 20120903-213011.jpg

Once the place opened we got our tix for the ferry and hit the gift shop. I bought a book of photo prints, and another set of smaller prints. A sheet of magnets and a pretty bookmark.


I also got a bank that is in the shape of the statues head – but I don’t want to unwrap to photo now.

Then it was nearly time for the ferry and we stood in line, went thru security and on the boat. Enjoyable ride over. The statue is completely closed for renovation though which is a bummer but it was a beautiful day to be there after that we hopped over to Ellis Island which was interesting and I probably would have enjoyed more but I was pooped by that point. So after we returned to the mainland, we grabbed a hot dog from a street vendor and walked to ground zero.
20120903-212556.jpg 20120903-212617.jpg20120903-212638.jpg20120903-212705.jpg20120903-212725.jpg20120903-212750.jpg

We needed tickets to view the memorial but were too tired to head the several blocks away to get them. We plan to go back tho. There was an Indian place on the corner there so we had lunch. It was pretty good, then we headed back to hotel. I took a short nap and then we headed uptown.
20120903-213104.jpg 20120903-213120.jpg 20120903-213044.jpg

20120903-213141.jpg 20120903-213158.jpg
Due to an oversight in distance/how to get there we made a seriously long trek to the history museum. Anyway nice day out, good walk. Museum was interesting. Great dinosaur exhibit and sea life exhibit. After we headed over to times square which was insane!!! Hit up dean and delucas and then to grand central.

For dinner we picked a very close French Restaurant, Parigot. After we headed to Ferrara’s and picked up some dessert items. I got a cream puff and eclair and a cannoli. Great ending to a very busy day!







Travel – NYC DAY 1

So my first vacation in too many months! I left work and headed to PA yesterday. Made good time, but it’s always such a boring drive and I was pooped after working part of the day as well.

We got up fairly early today and I thought we’d get on the road a bit earlier, but no biggie or a rush. So it was about 7AM when we left the house. Unfortunately we got stuck in traffic about 30 minutes to get through the tunnel on our way out of Pittsburgh. After that, traffic was medium to light and we made good headway. The drive was fairly easy going though PA is a LONG ass state!!!

Finally we were into NJ and the trip through the Holland Tunnel wasn’t too bad. Traffic was lighter than I thought it would be and I actually was able to navigate pretty easily with Sarah’s help of course. When we found the hotel, there was no where to park though, so I passed it, then trying to get back to it, we had to make a long route around the block because a traffic cop wouldn’t let me turn RIGHT. ugh! After that around the block, I pulled to the side of the hotel, Sarah jumped out to ask where we park and they said, it was Valet only which was fine, but we had to be IN FRONT. So around the block we go again! Finally, we unload and get to our room. The bellman was super sweet and nice!!!

Then we headed off to Lombardi’s Pizzeria. It was pretty decent pizza. I would definitely go back. The crust was delicious, crispy, thin, chewy. I’m not one for much marinara sauce, but this was seriously some of the best sauce I’ve EVER tasted… and I’m really not kidding. It was just the right salt, and spices and sweet… OMG. We got the Original Margherita, which had delicious fresh mozzarella on it. So yeah, great FIRST NY PIZZA experience.
20120903-211714.jpg 20120903-211756.jpg
After that we walked around a big and went to Fluevogs where I saw gorgeous shoes that I wanted and then we stopped off at Pinkberry and I was so excited because I’ve been dying to try it for, forever!!! And it was super delicious. We walked around soho, looking at buildings and places and oh so much. I think I love this place, not sure how much the rent is, but I really want to move in!