10 Favorite Albums of all time

To qualify for this list, these cannot be live or greatest hits compilations. The only comps are soundtracks.

The following albums have either changed my life in someway or just make the list because no matter HOW many times I listen, I never get tired of them and can actually repeat them for hours!
1. Escape by Journey
2. Division Bell – Pink Floyd
3. So – Peter Gabriel
4. Rotting Pinata – Sponge
5. Singles – Soundtrack
6. Sigh No More – Mumford and Sons
7. Some Nights – FUN
8. Say Anything – Soundtrack
9. Body Talk – Robyn
10. Hot Fuss – The Killers

Life : End of an Era

For anyone that’s known me in the last few years, they should know about my favorite TV show, One Tree Hill. Recently they had the series finale. The show was on for nine seasons. So, yeah, a very long time. I can’t say I was there from the beginning. When the show originally aired I didn’t watch because this was before dvrs and there was conflict with another show.

Somewhere around season 2 or 3, soap.com decided to air from the beginning. I had cable and was able to catch up. I fell in love quickly. The storyline was great. Good writing, great characters and actors that fit so well. Plus there was a huge emphasis on music, and not just any music, but music that fit with me.

Over the years the seasons had their ups and downs, but I stayed faithful. And funny coincidence, Brian and I honeymooned at wrightsville beach, nc in 2002. And a year later OTH started filming there. We’ve been back several times and it’s fun to see the places on tv that we visited. One thing I had planned to do was a set visit. Our last trip there in Nov 2011 they were finishing filming. We saw Ads for a public auction of the shows sets and items that would take place a few weeks later. As much as I wanted to do the set tour, I was afraid it would ruin my illusion. I didn’t go.

Funnier still, these last few episodes showed various parts of the sets and sound stages as part of the storyline so I kind of had a set tour after all. I’m sad it’s over but it was definitely time. This is one show that felt so real. Emotions, happy and sad seemed so honest and true. I’ll miss the characters and the stories and the music. I would have liked a better ending, but it wasn’t bad.