Knitting : slow and steady

I’ve been steadily progressing on the Aranami shawl. Which after looking at last night I’m going to get nowhere near the size the designer did. Yes I used different yarn but used same needle size. My gauge was about half of hers. So maybe after all my loose knitting on other items, these were tight? Doesn’t really matter except that I won’t really be able to wear this as a wrap around scarf like I like. It’ll be more of a shawlette.

I have one last color and hen I’ll be done. If I can get some serious knitting in this weekend, then maybe, but I’m not going to push it. I’ve had a lot of arm muscle fatigue lately when I knit too much.


I also received a bag full of minis yesterday, which reminds me I need to get back to that darn blanket! The theme was rainbows and sparkles. About half the minis are sparkles I was surprised there weren’t more. Anyway the bottom half are the sparkle yarns although in he pic you don’t see it so much. Love the sparkles!!


Knitting : Excuses excuses….

So a few weeks ago, I promised not to start anything new until spectra was complete. I’m half way there. But last week in utter defiance of myself and apparent lack of self control this beautiful soft color set in greens just would not shut up. It was hanging out on my coffee table, loitering, really. It just sat there mocking me.

On the other hand, I was hanging out on Ravelry (a complete mistake of epic proportions) in the forums and like an idiot was seduced by the shiny. What was i doing on Ravelry, why wasn’t I knitting?!

Lately, there’s a project getting lots of press in the sunshine yarnies forum. I’ve seen it for weeks but wasn’t going to make it. There’s a ton of color work patterns out there I certainly didn’t need to buy one. But as I said, ooohhh shiny! So there I went, shopping and bought the Aranami shawl pattern.

In Japanese, Aranami means waves and that is what this pattern looks like. I think what captured me most about this design is the modular construction. You start with one motif and keep adding on and it grows. It definitely reminds me of the sock yarn blankie. but it’s very simple and you can really do anything when it comes to colors for this. So I was hooked and my pretty green Aloe kit was wound up and I started it! The pattern is super simple to remember and I can just pick up and go wherever without fear of losing place.

I still have not knit much this last week, but I’m making slow and steady progress. It seems like ages since I’ve finished anything. But I’ll keep on, keeping on. Heres hoping this will be complete before new york! And speaking of, I need to figure out a good project to take and knit in NYC. Socks? Shawl? Scarf?


Knitting : a little progress

So. I’ve made very little progress on knitting lately, but it is still progress. I know I say I’m busy all the time, what exactly fills up my days I can’t exactly say, but somehow, when I get home knitting is usually the last thing on my mind. Usually it’s just REST. I can’t wait to unwind. I change my clothes and get a little slouchy. Often I will pick up the knitting before starting dinner, but lately, not so much.

Anyway this post is about the gorgeousness of spectra. Several of the GK2 ladies are/were making it. It a fantastic pattern and fairly addictive as I’ve mentioned before, however, other random entities got in the way. So I’m still working and have vowed not to start anything new until this is done. So that’s the new plan. I’ll probably have to work out how many wedges I can make in a day and then commit to doing that and have an end date in mind. That it what is helping me finish things these days.

Recently Ann and Liz finished these fabulous fair isle vests which has me itching to do color work again. I was going to buy the same pattern they had, but it’s not really written for my size, so I thought, why not just find another similar pattern written in larger numbers. I can still use the great range of pallet colors offered by KP. I’ll just have to put my own colors together.

Oh and one last commandment, no new yarn until NYC. We are in the planning phases and leave in exactly 4 weeks from yesterday, how excited am I??? So, so very!!

I’ll hopefully be picblogging while we are there. I want to do as much as I can, take as many pictures as I can, but yet still relax. More to come!


Knitting : rainbow minis continued

Just the other day, I received the next batch of rainbow minis. Yellows and oranges. Boy are they fantastic. Still not sure what project to make up, but I can’t wait. I’ve also sent off the blue and green minis for the next set. Last will be purple.

In other news, I seem to have lost spectra. Serves me right for throwing him in a corner while I toil away on the wanderer. Which by the way is half done!! Wow!!!


Oh and in case you missed it, the reds….


Knitting : Slowing down and ramping up!

So while it’s early on, I’ve slowed down on knitting this week. Basically it started Sunday. I had some great plans to make a dent in the sock yarn blanket. I ended up only making three squares. So while it is progress, it’s not much. I was hoping to get this blanket done this year, but progress has been slow. My obsessions have taking me in other directions. I made some cowls (5 of them). I started a new scarf and a sock. So anyway my point, who knows when this blanket will get done. I’m still in swaps, so new minis are coming in, I don’t know when I’ll actually knit them all. Oh well.

In the meantime I’ve been having some hand and arm aches. The more I knit the more it hurts. It’s completely muscular. I’ve talked to deb my acupuncturist and I know she will help, but I’ve not been able to get an appointment scheduled. So this leads me to not knitting and having a major desire to get my wheel out and spin. When the weather gets nice like its been, I want to take the wheel out on the deck, sit in the sun and make some yarn.

Last Friday I ran over to mid-states wool co-op. it’s fairly close and I needed new spools. While there I met a nice lady, and she took me on a little tour. I knew they sold wool and fleeces, but I wasn’t sure what, how much, etc. so I asked a bunch of questions and she led me around. Basically they get wool from all over. It comes rolled up in plastic. This is completely raw, unclean fleece. It’s then stacked in piles in different stalls. They have a section with finer wool and the other side with more medium. Anyway, when you want some, they give you a bag and you go pick out what you want, bag it, then they weigh it and you take it home and clean it. I thought this would be a great project however I already have a bag of raw unclean wool to work on. So we shall see how that project goes before I buy more. But it was an interesting trip and I learned something.

So if you want to see the production head over there sometime. They close around 4 so go early.

Design : another Rainbow

I recently lucked out and got picked for a rainbow series swap. The first color up was red and someone dropped out so I got in. Cool thing is, once you’re in, you are in for the whole series. So I received the first set, the reds a few weeks ago.


Not the best photo or very true to color, but there is a nice variation from dark to light. So I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to do with these minis once I have them all. I’ve decided not to use them in the original blankie. I decided I would do something rainbowish, but what?

Do I do straight rows of each color or do I vary the colors and place intermittently? Today I drew up a couple of ideas. I’m itching to start but I only have reds which is why I was thinking about doing color strips. Anyway here’s my design dump for now.

And since it’s WIP Sunday I’ll bust out the other blankie minis and work on that. Maybe it will curb the castonitis I have. 🙂



Knitting : Infinity

I’m a little behind in the blog, I’ll try and catch up today, so there might be a few crazy posts today. I was able to finish the last cowl in the Great Cowl KAL of 2012. It was called the blueberry scowl. It was 300 stitches wide and I used Sunshine Merino Worsted. It’s a gorgeous soft squishy yarn. I liked knitting this project because of this yarn. I picked buttons with a Celtic knot because I knew they’d be perfect. It has been unseasonably warm now so I won’t get to use this until the fall, but the loveliness will be waiting for me.


Knitting : Satisfaction

Unlike Mick Jagger, we knitters can get some satisfaction. Especially when we see cute babies in their knitwear. This sweater was originally made for Henry, my friend Malissa’s baby boy. However due to scheduling complications and so on, we never were able to get together for the exchange and as babies do, Henry grew. He’s nearly 1 1/2 now. Lol.

Anyway the sweet little sweater was saved and went to the next new boy I knew, baby cousin Gnarly. He’s so cute I want to squish him all day!!!

Next time I make this sweater for someone, I will definitely make the arms longer they look really short on him. No matter though, he’s still cute, cute, cute.

And thanks to my sister for taking and sending the photos!



Knitting: Ah, the colors

I’m still loving knitting this project. It’s actually become quite mindless. I can just pick it up wherever I am and KNOW exactly what I need to do and where to go, etc. In any case the colors are awesome. I’ve gone from pink to purple and back to pink again. It’s great seeing the color changes. Very exciting.

Tomorrow will bring a break in Spectra though. The 4th pattern of the Great Cowl KAL 2012 will be released and I have to start right away as this is a quick turnaround. It’ll be due 4 days later on 3/5. I have to ready my yarn. Not sure if I can get it on the swift and through the ball winder or if I should hand wind it? Just not sure.

Here’s an update of Spectra, 19 color wedges are done but this photo was taken earlier with a little less.


Knitting: WIP Sunday continues

I have continued with WIP Sunday today, however rather than work on a sock as had previously planned, I worked on something more recent. The Janel Laidman mystery shawl. I started it a couple of weeks ago when the first clue was released. I set it down to work on my other things and it was a bit boring. I knit a massive ton today. It feels like a million rows of garter stitch. I could count them, but I’m over it now.

Anyway there’s these loops that require picking up, 290 of them to be exact. After picking these up a lace section starts. I’m on row 3 of that section. These are REALLY long rows. It might take me a bit to finish this one. A new cowl KAL is supposed to start on the 8th though.

Well here’s the before and aft:



The color in the first one is more accurate.