Pregnancy : 36.5 weeks

Pretty uneventful lately. Christmas was nice with all the Tuthills. I quickly made a scarf for Makayla that morning. She appeared to like it. We received some money and gift cards for baby stuff. Thankful for that so I can go buy some diapers and such.

Had my first cervix check earlier in the week. Nothing to report there, no dilation yet. Did have a small contraction while hooked up to monitor, which I didn’t feel. Baby was moving around at the same time so I’m not sure if That is why I didn’t notice.

I have an ultrasound later today to check measurements. Hopefully I can see his little face its been awhile. And maybe by next Tues appt we will have some dilation progress. Would certainly be awesome to meet this little one. Of course not getting my hopes up and am trying to be relaxed about it. I think he will be hanging on for a bit. But hopefully dr won’t make me wait a full three weeks and we can wrap this up in two. I have no more patience for work. 🙂