Pregnancy – It’s a BOY!


We found out several weeks ago that our baby is a BOY.  Something I had felt from the beginning for some odd reason.  Anyway, now i can continue to plan what type of quilt to make and perhaps more knitting items that aren’t in pretty girl colors.  I’m definitely excited to meet this little person.

Our appointments have been going pretty well.  I had an “anatomy scan” a few weeks ago at MFM (high risk clinic) where they took measurements of lots of parts and looked inside to see his internal organs.  Everything looked to be ok.  He was measuring a little big at that point.  Because he was lying transverse (horizontal with his belly down), I had to go back again to get additional measurements.  They made a few 3D images like the one above.  Today he measured to be 1lb 5 oz. and is in the 55th percentile.

In another 2 weeks I’ll go in for a fetal echo (at children’s hospital).  This is to ensure there are no problems with the heart.  A few weeks after that I’ll go in for a growth scan (at MFM).  Again to see how big the baby is.  That should be around 28 weeks.

In speaking with Dr. Arora last week at my normal prenatal visit, we talked about WHEN I would be delivering and he thinks around 38 weeks, so hopefully on/around 1/6/14, the little mister will be here.  And that is only 15 weeks away.  January seems kind of far off, but 15 weeks SOUNDS like it’s right around the corner.

Have a ton to do around the house still.  Hopefully I’ll begin feeling a little more motivated to do so.  In any case other than feeling nauseated about some foods (even thinking of them).  I’ve been feeling ok.  A little stiff and sore in spots and still not sleeping entirely well, but over all, not as bad as I’ve heard others.