Quilting : Blocks of the month and update

SO I got painfully behind on my block of the month progress.  I have 4 different BOM projects going.  All fairly easy except, I just haven’t dedicated the time to sewing.  Last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to rectify that, so I have made some progress finally.  I started off with the buck a block BOM (which is turquoise, cream and green), the craftsy BOM and finally the Red Soiree (from Red Rooster quilts).  The red soiree is all these different red and cream print fabrics and I just fell in love with it.  It comes in 2 color choices, red and blue.  I had a hard time at first until I went to the shop and saw the completed red quilt and my choice was made.

Anyway, I messed up the first 2 blocks.  The first block because I cut things incorrectly and the 2nd block, pieces were cut correctly however, when I started sewing them, I messed up.  So basically fail.  I set it off to the side and continued on with other things.  I finished 2 months of the buck a block.

Then I decided, why not do the blue quilt too.  So in month 5, I went back to Red Rooster and signed up for block 5 and was able to pick up those 6 blocks at once.  I have now completed Blue 1 and Blue 2.  Also, Red 3 and another buck a block.

So, slowly I’m making progress.  Perhaps tomorrow, I can do a couple more of the blocks.  Pics are below.





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