Pregnancy : Week 8 (ish)

So far so good.  Still no nausea, morning sickness, etc.  Been feeling pretty good emotionally and physically ok, except for a few aches and maybe “growing” pains?  I think some of my ab muscles are stretching or something… I’m not getting big at this point, but I think things are definitely shifting about to make some room.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem really real that I am actually pregnant because I don’t have all those common symptons.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful… but at this stage, a little reassurance would be nice.  Cause I just don’t FEEL pregnant.  I know in the months to come that will all change… and I’m sure I’ll be laughing that I even had these thoughts and wrote this down.

Baby is the size of a raspberry or grape depending on what website you are on.  It’s funny, they continue to compare it to fruit, which I guess gives a good image of the size.  I find it so amazing that it’s so little for so long… then all of a sudden… it’s a baby… like a big one!  Well hopefully not too big. 🙂

I met my new doctor this week and I LOVE him.  He’s very kind and a little silly.  But even with the silliness he’s very serious and caring and wants the very best for my health and babys.  I’m glad I was referred to him and I think we’ll have a successful partnership.  I will see Dr. Lang on the side though too and they will work together regarding all my risk factors.

I will have an ultrasound to check baby’s progress at week 10 (7/2).  Around then, they may do the blood test for Down’s Syndrome.  Dr. Arora asked me how I felt about it and quite honestly, I don’t care.  I know it takes a little more to raise a special needs child, but would I love it any less?  I can’t imagine doing so.  So I’ll have the blood test, but I am refusing the amnio test.  I’ll take my chances at that point.  It’s nice to be prepared, I guess, but I’ll do whatever it takes in the end.  Kind of feel the same about the cystic fibrosis test.

Anyway… no new pics or anything fun to share.  My mind has been racing with all kinds of baby projects… I feel like I have castonitis all of a sudden.  I want to KNIT. ALL. THE. BLANKETS!

I also need to plan a quilt to be sewn as well.  Speaking of quilting, I’m way behind of my blocks of the months… so very soon I need to catch up on those too!  Oh and another trip to Grand Rapids is planned in 2 weeks.  It will be nice to see the city out from under a blanket of snow!



So I’m pregnant.  I’ve tried to inform most everyone by now… close friends and family.  IF you are someone that reads this blog and I didn’t tell you personally, my apologies it’s possible we’ve missed meeting up or talking recently. 

Life has literally been a whirlwind.  It all started May 18th.  I came home from a night out with friends and noticed a few things.  I had waited all week to start my period and it never came.  All of a sudden, I just knew I was pregnant.  Brian came home after being at Rock on the Range and I told him my suspicions.  He immediately went out after midnight to get a pregnancy test.  I took it and passed, so it seems.

To say I was shocked was quite an understatement.  I was immediately excited and scared shitless.  I thought of all the potential problems, my weight, my age, my health issues and a previous miscarriage.  I thought about the house and how many changes we need to make, about my uncertain future with Abbott… and just everything all at once.  I think I may have only slept about an hour that night.

I finally was able to push it all away and just thought to try and be patient.  Yeah, that didn’t really work.  Monday morning, I was on the phone as soon as the doctor’s office opened and tried to schedule a prenatal appointment. The couldn’t get me in for about 2 weeks.  I then called my PCP and they were able to get me in same day.  I wanted to make sure of what medications I should continue on.  So of the 4 I am supposed to take, I had to discontinue using 3 of those.

In the meantime, my doctor referred me to a Diabetes Educator and I met with her on Friday the 24th.  She wanted me to track my sugars for a week and send them to her.  I did so and on 5/31 – she was concerned and sent them to a high risk doctor and he wanted me admitted.  So I went to live at the hospital for a few days. 

They did many, many, many finger pokes to check my sugars and started me on insulin.  I had an ultrasound, which I couldn’t really see and we got a little photo of a blurry blob.  My ongoing therapy is to inject insulin 4 times a day for now.  Two different ones at breakfast, one at dinner and another at bedtime.  I also have to test of course and keep track of that info and send to the doctor on a weekly basis.

Today I went to my original OB/GYN for my first official prenatal appointment.  I got a new ultrasound that was definitely clearer.  Because of a monitor mounted on the wall, I could see all the stuff on the ultrasound which was nice.  I could see and hear the heartbeat.  I also saw my ovaries. 

So, this is the beginning of my journey.  I’ll probably update frequently with information about what is going on with me.ImageThe test

ImageFirst US from HospImageThe first US pic from todayImage2nd pic of US, showing a magnified view.ImageNotes from the US gal.