2013 Goals – And the sweater begins

As I planned for the year I really wanted to have some completed garments this year, specifically sweaters.  I had a list of items I’ve been wanting to make – the first pattern is called Shift of Focus.  It’s sort of a swing style/cardigan sort of sweater.  It has really interesting shaping which is part of the reason I liked it so much.

In order to make this sweater, I needed a pretty sport yarn.  I ordered Blue Moon Fiber’s BFL Sport in “In the Navy” color way which is a pretty kettle dyed looking blue.  All that background aside, I finally started the sweater today.  The sweater is all garter stitch with lots of short rows for the interesting shaping.  It’s going along well and my plan is to try and do as much as I can in the next 3-4 week so to see if I can finish by my birthday – this is a stretch goal, but if I can figure out how much knitting I need per day perhaps I can make it.  Pictures to come later!


One thought on “2013 Goals – And the sweater begins

  1. I love that it’s going well so far – you can totally do this by your birthday. Let me know if you want help working out the interim targets… 😉

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