2012 Goals – the review

I got a good chuckle this morning by looking back at my goals. I guess I should have made a point to look back at the list occasionally to stay on track.

Here is 2012:
1. Complete the Learn to Knit Afghan (63 total squares, 4 done so far) – More squares done, but no where near finished
2. Make at least 6 pair of socks – NO SOCKS! However I did complete more than 6 shawls/cowls so I think that is an adequate substitute
3. Stash bust!!!! This I actually did, but I also acquired some.
4. Make significant progress/finish the Sock Yarn Blankie, need approx 542 more squares – progress made, but not much
5. Make 2 more Dipped Infinity kits, Secret Garden and Find me a River – This was attempted on both they were half done, but had yarn yardage probs so they were frogged
6. Finish 5 WIPS: February Lady Sweater, Tank, BOM Afghan, CPH, Lia Sweater (sleeves) – progress made on BOM and one sock WIP was completed but nothing else
7. Read 20 books including rest of Harry Potter – did read more than 20 books however, not the rest of HP YET.
8. Spin more – spun some, but not as much as I wanted

So I had 8 major goals and less than half finished – not sure what that says about me, except perhaps, I’m really not as organized as I could be.  Organization is one of my key plans for 2013, so if I can continue the way I start, my 2013 list might actually see completion.  I hope to post more so that I can keep myself accountable and make progress.


One thought on “2012 Goals – the review

  1. Kudos to you for owning up to where you stand on last year’s goals. It would definitely help to check back on your starting point periodically. Revisions during the year are also advisable. Yay to a fresh start!

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