Happy New Year – 2013 Goals

I’m determined to GET more done in 2013.  I will need to figure out a way to do this, but it all starts with a goal – actually goalS.  So I’ve made a list that is quite lofty, maybe these are a stretch, but if I can make myself accountable and stay on task, I think it is a definite possibility to finish these items.  Some of them are lengthy, but not hard, it just requires the power of stick-to-itiveness.  Ok with that ramble over – here is my list.

Craft Goals 2013

Make 6 sweaters/cardigans

Finish Elysium, Summer Wave Tank and Lia
Make 6 Shawls/Wraps
  1. Juneberry Triangle
  2. Curatio
  3. Damask
  4. Glacier Sweep
  5. Hawthorne
  6. Guernsey Wrap
Maybe – Leaves of Grass
Finish Girasole, Wayfarer, Trapeze, Purple D, Taygete
  1. Sugar BOM – stay on track
  2. Finish Craftsy BOM
  3. Make more accessory bags, totes and change purses (try for 1/month)

1. Paint more
2. Take better pictures, more often!


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