Knitting : a little progress

So. I’ve made very little progress on knitting lately, but it is still progress. I know I say I’m busy all the time, what exactly fills up my days I can’t exactly say, but somehow, when I get home knitting is usually the last thing on my mind. Usually it’s just REST. I can’t wait to unwind. I change my clothes and get a little slouchy. Often I will pick up the knitting before starting dinner, but lately, not so much.

Anyway this post is about the gorgeousness of spectra. Several of the GK2 ladies are/were making it. It a fantastic pattern and fairly addictive as I’ve mentioned before, however, other random entities got in the way. So I’m still working and have vowed not to start anything new until this is done. So that’s the new plan. I’ll probably have to work out how many wedges I can make in a day and then commit to doing that and have an end date in mind. That it what is helping me finish things these days.

Recently Ann and Liz finished these fabulous fair isle vests which has me itching to do color work again. I was going to buy the same pattern they had, but it’s not really written for my size, so I thought, why not just find another similar pattern written in larger numbers. I can still use the great range of pallet colors offered by KP. I’ll just have to put my own colors together.

Oh and one last commandment, no new yarn until NYC. We are in the planning phases and leave in exactly 4 weeks from yesterday, how excited am I??? So, so very!!

I’ll hopefully be picblogging while we are there. I want to do as much as I can, take as many pictures as I can, but yet still relax. More to come!



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