Knitting : Not much lately…

So, I’m determined not to let this blog languish, so while I don’t have pretty pictures or yarny goodness to share or even WIPS or FOs… I’m going to write anyway. 

Actually knitting has slowed down a lot for me these last 2 weeks or so.  I’ve been working on other projects in the house.  REAL work has been beyond busy, I have all these projects and meetings that I’m involved in and that leaves little time to actually do my core job.  The solution is overtime, however I’m salary and don’t get paid all that extra dough, so very often I don’t work over much.  I’m in the pattern of just getting more behind… knowing things will slow eventually and I’ll get caught up.  In the mean time though, this carries over into home life and when I GET home, play with my dogs, get dinner fixed, etc… I’m kind of too pooped to knit.  That in iteself is a little weird, since knitting can be a fairly relaxing experience as well as easy to do while seated.

But alas… little has happened, in fact yesterday… I did NOT knit a stitch.  I would say that’s the first time in quite awhile, but it’s actually been happening more frequently.  It’s ok, I haven’t lost my mojo or anything… I know by Thursday knit knite, I will be MORE than ready to get my knit on.  Thursdays are the best days.

I did acquire some new yarn recently too.  The Cookie A Sock Club yarn came… I LOVE it so much.  It’s not a color I would have actually chosen myself, however, that’s the great thing about the club, it helps you expand your horizons.  Anyway, it is Socktopus Yarns which is a new to me yarn and the color name is slipping my mind right now, but it’s great. 

I also participated in a Stephen King mini swap and those minis came the other day as well.  I haven’t had time to give them a good perusal but very soon.  Oh and since you asked, the Stephen King theme was to pick one of his many books or stories and share a yarn that you felt worked for that book.  I chose Salem’s Lot and used Vamp by Hazel Knits (it was in my stash).  At first I was going to do Bag of Bones because that’s the most recent thing I’ve read by him (while it was awhile ago), but I absolutely LOVE that story.  Then I remembered Vamp in stash, so I went with Salem’s Lot… which is another all time fave. 

Here’s my memory of my first time.  I actually saw Salem’s Lot the movie way before I ever read it.  I was 7 or 8 years old I think.  I was at my then BFF Tracy’s house.  We were stretched out on the floor in front of the TV GLUED to this show.  I remember being so scared because A the premise of the movie, dark and scary and B because it was something we probably shouldn’t have been watching.  But, our mom’s who were also BFFs were in the kitchen gabbing.  Anyway, later in teen years, I actually read the book.  So that was the swap.

Other recent stash enhancements are several color ways inspired by the Hunger Games book/movie from Sunshine Yarns, so far I have Peeta, Primrose, Hungergames and Mockinjay color ways.  I doubt I’ll buy any others… unless they really jump at me.  Also Dani recently released sets or kits of colors, I was able to get Aloe, which is in greens.  It’s the singly ply merino in fingering weight.  I really wanted the bloom set which was purples, but I got cart jacked when ordering.  I have a couple of ideas planned for this set though, so we’ll see what pops to the top of the queue first.

For new projects, I started the LIKE HONEY Cowl from Feministy.  She sent it free to those of us that finished the Bluberry Scowl in the Great Cowl KaL 2012.  If you finished all 5 in 50 days, the grand prize was special access to her new site.  This is a members only area and won’t be released to the public for some time.  We get access to additional patterns for free and other stuff.  I’ve not explored it yet, but plan to.

Ok, so for not doing any actual knitting, I still have a LOT to say about it!



2 thoughts on “Knitting : Not much lately…

  1. When I was younger, around 12, I went through a crazy Stephen King phase and wanted to read anything he had ever written. I got through most of his early stuff, and started on his new stuff. I’m definitely more of a fan of his early stuff. Some of his new stuff is downright weird! I’ve never read Bag of Bones, but I watched it the other day. I was watching on my laptop with earbuds in, and Dirk kept laughing at me because I would jump and yell every now and then. Jerk.

    • That’s awesome!! I haven’t seen it yet. I recorded it, but then the dvr messed up and I lost one of the parts, so I still want to go back and watch. Will have to do so soon. If you still have a cassette player, I have the audio if you want to listen. 🙂

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