Knitting : Slowing down and ramping up!

So while it’s early on, I’ve slowed down on knitting this week. Basically it started Sunday. I had some great plans to make a dent in the sock yarn blanket. I ended up only making three squares. So while it is progress, it’s not much. I was hoping to get this blanket done this year, but progress has been slow. My obsessions have taking me in other directions. I made some cowls (5 of them). I started a new scarf and a sock. So anyway my point, who knows when this blanket will get done. I’m still in swaps, so new minis are coming in, I don’t know when I’ll actually knit them all. Oh well.

In the meantime I’ve been having some hand and arm aches. The more I knit the more it hurts. It’s completely muscular. I’ve talked to deb my acupuncturist and I know she will help, but I’ve not been able to get an appointment scheduled. So this leads me to not knitting and having a major desire to get my wheel out and spin. When the weather gets nice like its been, I want to take the wheel out on the deck, sit in the sun and make some yarn.

Last Friday I ran over to mid-states wool co-op. it’s fairly close and I needed new spools. While there I met a nice lady, and she took me on a little tour. I knew they sold wool and fleeces, but I wasn’t sure what, how much, etc. so I asked a bunch of questions and she led me around. Basically they get wool from all over. It comes rolled up in plastic. This is completely raw, unclean fleece. It’s then stacked in piles in different stalls. They have a section with finer wool and the other side with more medium. Anyway, when you want some, they give you a bag and you go pick out what you want, bag it, then they weigh it and you take it home and clean it. I thought this would be a great project however I already have a bag of raw unclean wool to work on. So we shall see how that project goes before I buy more. But it was an interesting trip and I learned something.

So if you want to see the production head over there sometime. They close around 4 so go early.

Design : another Rainbow

I recently lucked out and got picked for a rainbow series swap. The first color up was red and someone dropped out so I got in. Cool thing is, once you’re in, you are in for the whole series. So I received the first set, the reds a few weeks ago.


Not the best photo or very true to color, but there is a nice variation from dark to light. So I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to do with these minis once I have them all. I’ve decided not to use them in the original blankie. I decided I would do something rainbowish, but what?

Do I do straight rows of each color or do I vary the colors and place intermittently? Today I drew up a couple of ideas. I’m itching to start but I only have reds which is why I was thinking about doing color strips. Anyway here’s my design dump for now.

And since it’s WIP Sunday I’ll bust out the other blankie minis and work on that. Maybe it will curb the castonitis I have. 🙂



Knitting : Infinity

I’m a little behind in the blog, I’ll try and catch up today, so there might be a few crazy posts today. I was able to finish the last cowl in the Great Cowl KAL of 2012. It was called the blueberry scowl. It was 300 stitches wide and I used Sunshine Merino Worsted. It’s a gorgeous soft squishy yarn. I liked knitting this project because of this yarn. I picked buttons with a Celtic knot because I knew they’d be perfect. It has been unseasonably warm now so I won’t get to use this until the fall, but the loveliness will be waiting for me.


Life: Lazy = embarrassed part 2

Are you ready? So after my earlier update, I went online to the container store’s site. I left a feedback for my experience yesterday with Charlie. I just checked my email and they responded me thanking me for the comment and said they passed it on to the store. 🙂

Anyway, I took back all the loot I didn’t use and bought more. I spent a good long while setting up various pieces, playing with them like a jig saw. I went with silver mesh for the BIG drawer and the clear plastic for the other drawer. I also bought a few extra pieces, so I could play with differing blocks when I got home. So far, I think I like my set up. We’ll see how it works AFTER I get everything put away. But I know you just want to see pictures, so here ya go. Oh and I also got a liner too. You can see it in the photos.







Now back to knitting since I’ve been a “slacker” all weekend!

Life: Lazy = embarrassed part 1

So, I took pictures of the chaos because I wanted to preserve a place I don’t want to be (again). I opened all those drawers and photographed them “in the raw.” I’m definitely embarrassed that things have gone so out of control. I’m a little embarrassed to post these to the public to see. But when we moved into this house several years ago, I didn’t have any organization set up. Things were thrown in drawers (this is how it was where I grew up, too). So when you don’t start with the right organizational tools or you just don’t think about it, unfortunately it’s easy for things to be out of control. I have a great segue way for control here, but let me hold that for later, hopefully I’ll remember.

Moving on… this morning I grabbed a box and one of the giant container store bags and emptied the drawers. I did one at a time. I started with the big drawer. I was arranging and rearranging the different containers I had purchased yesterday. Here’s the thing, I tend to me a “matchy” person but I didn’t know what form and material and sizes would work best. I grabbed an assortment of items. Now I came up with a great layout for the big drawer, but guess what, I didn’t like the way it looked. I had clear acrylic, white plastic and wire mesh items. While everything fit well, I didn’t think I could live with it. I decided to put that drawer on hold.

So I moved on to the next drawer. This is my most often used drawer. It stores all the stuff I use to cook. It’s between the stove and sink and where I typically prep everything. Measuring cups, spoons, cookie cutters, biscuit cutters… ok just everything. And how often do I need a biscuit cutter? When is the last time I made biscuits? Anyway, completely unorganized and I can’t find anything. Perfect example, last weekend I need the pastry blender which is a fairly sizable item. Say about the size of an average hand. I searched and searched and rooted to know avail and used a fork. Guess what I found today… the effing pastry blender. Also last week while cutting the cinnamon roll log into actual rolls, I used a knife. Yes it worked fine and dandy, but guess what, I have a tool for that, an actual pastry cutter, it even has different blades depending on what/how you want to cut! Anyway, the drawer has been emptied and bleached.





I don’t know that everything will remain where it currently is. I have way more cookie cutters and no more will fit here, so I definitely need a bigger container and these may move to the bigger drawer.. But this is the start. And now that I know how things look and work together, I can go back to the container store, take back all the unwanted items and get other items that matc or that work better for the space. And funnily enough of all the items I bought yesterday for the drawers, I think the most expensive item was $12.99… I ended up with the cheapest organizer set. I think the set of 3 was like $4 or $5 and I bought 2 sets and the beauty is they fit snug, side by side using all available drawer space and can easily be popped in and out of the drawer.

One thing I learned about this process is that when you don’t know what you have, how do you know what type of container to pick. I wish I’d known that earlier, it would have made understanding Charlie’s questions a lot easier. He kept asking questions like, “what is in your drawers” or “what type of tools?” I kept saying you know kitchen stuff, measuring cups, cookie cutters, etc. I’ve come to the conclusion he was trying to give me options based on the size of things I had in the drawer. But since I didn’t give good answers, he kept asking the same questions. Now I know. However, I was proud of myself that I actually took the drawer measurements with me. When I get ready to do the cupboards, I will take stock of what I have, what I want to organize and then make the trip.

Fiber: Holy Malabrigo batman!

So since I was at temptations, I decided to check out the malabrigo stash. My oh my! They just received a shipment of Arroyo so I got first dibs at those colors…. Super yummy. Annnd of course I bought some!

I definitely went with some great blues!

I got Rios, Arroyo and Sock.


Then I also picked up a skein of Noro Kureyon Silk Garden for another as yet unknown colorwork project. I photod it here with the Eggplant Malabrigo Sock.


So that was my expensive but fun trip to Dubin.

Life: An organized life? And a new place for lunch.

So today while out doing errands I stopped off at the container store. This place has been in my top 5 for quite some time. The last few weeks Brian has done a tremendous job cleaning dishes and cleaning off the counters and actually putting things away. We’ve been keeping up with the dishes daily so they don’t mount up and pile up and take over. It’s been a better place to cook and live.

So when all those items are clean at the same time, I found we’ve really run out of room and drawer space and especially cupboard space. I’ve slowly been getting rid of larger items not being used, but this weekend I decided to tackle the drawer spaces. Hence my trip to the container store.

When I walked in a gal found me a guy to help with solutions. His name was Charlie and he was absolutely delightful. We talked a good while and he showed me tons of options. After he left me I milled about the store picking up various items. I’m not sure what is going to work best in certain drawers, so I grabbed different things hoping to test em out. What doesn’t work can go back. So I’m very excited to go about this project. Once my drawers get organized, I’ll spend some more time on the cupboards but that could get costly because I’m thinking I want to install those roller shelves for the bottom of the cupboards. I can never reach anything in the back and consequently lose space. The upper level of the cupboards already have the rolling shelves, but I think the bottom space would definitely benefit from them.

So I’m in this completely great mood, the sun is out, I’m happy, decide to head off to Temptations for my book they’ve been holding forever… and I get all the way across town only to get stopped with all these road closures because of the damn parade!!! I literally can not get even close enough to park and walk to the store. Dublin is such a nuisance, I truly hate this place. Anyway, I decided to check out Dibella’s since it’s lunchtime.

Let’s talk Cheesesteak for a minute. I’m a plain jane when it comes to subs. I like meat and cheese and bread. Now I WILL eat other items on my sub, but for the first try out I want the true flavors to come through. Sure any toppings can make things better, but does that mean the core is any good? So I went with plain bread, steak and provolone cheese.

So on the 1-5 scale, 1 bad, 5 good:

For Flavor I give a 1. Bread was boring, decent texture, but no flavor. Meat was very boring, no flavor at all and even the provolone was tasteless.
For options I give a 5 – they have quite a few sizing options and meats and cheeses and toppings.
Staff: 2 they were polite, but not friendly or smiley or anything

Other pros: Free wireless which I’m on right now. Great soundtrack… loving the big band sounds they have playing!!!! Seriously I feel like I should be in old fashioned garb. Totally digging it. Place is also pretty spacious and since I sat off from the regular area, I’m over here alone and it’s nice and relaxing. Also place looks pretty clean. And though the parade is going on streets away, there was really no waiting to place or receive my order, of course everyone else may be stuck in traffic. 🙂

I think I would probably try the place again, get something different. Prices seem on par with other places, but in my opinion, Penn Station still has the best cheesesteak around Columbus. So later today perhaps I’ll post a before/after of the drawer organizing, I can’t wait!

Knitting : Satisfaction

Unlike Mick Jagger, we knitters can get some satisfaction. Especially when we see cute babies in their knitwear. This sweater was originally made for Henry, my friend Malissa’s baby boy. However due to scheduling complications and so on, we never were able to get together for the exchange and as babies do, Henry grew. He’s nearly 1 1/2 now. Lol.

Anyway the sweet little sweater was saved and went to the next new boy I knew, baby cousin Gnarly. He’s so cute I want to squish him all day!!!

Next time I make this sweater for someone, I will definitely make the arms longer they look really short on him. No matter though, he’s still cute, cute, cute.

And thanks to my sister for taking and sending the photos!