Knitting: Ah, the colors

I’m still loving knitting this project. It’s actually become quite mindless. I can just pick it up wherever I am and KNOW exactly what I need to do and where to go, etc. In any case the colors are awesome. I’ve gone from pink to purple and back to pink again. It’s great seeing the color changes. Very exciting.

Tomorrow will bring a break in Spectra though. The 4th pattern of the Great Cowl KAL 2012 will be released and I have to start right away as this is a quick turnaround. It’ll be due 4 days later on 3/5. I have to ready my yarn. Not sure if I can get it on the swift and through the ball winder or if I should hand wind it? Just not sure.

Here’s an update of Spectra, 19 color wedges are done but this photo was taken earlier with a little less.



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