Knitting: And the knit goes on…..

So I’ve taken a small blog hiatus, not inentional but rather, I really need to do it, but don’t feel like it kind of mode.  I have SEVERAL items going on and it’s been a whirlwind.  Enter that it was my annual Kon-O-Kwee knit camp weekend as well.  I just have so much to talk about and show photos of but sadly, I can’t seem to find the time to sit and put a thought together.  I’m hitting one of those phases where I feel really overwhelmed.  In part, I think my sleep interruptions are definitely taking toll.  I feel like I can’t reign everything in and things just go spinning wildly by while I just sit on the sidelines, knitting in hand and just watch the world spin so to speak.

Anyway… work is busy, I feel like I need a real break though I just had 2 glorious days off before the weekend.  I’m very much looking forward to my trip in May… and seriously contemplating just taking a whole week off and staying home.  We shall see.

So knit projects… I’m still going strong in the 5 Cowls in 50 Days – Great Cowl KAL.  I’m on #3 which I affectionately call the Cowl of Doom.  268 cast on stitches, stockinette n the round (thank grace!), in fingering weight yarn.  The only thing keeping me going is the gorgeous color of the yarn.  Seriously love it, although I’m really ticked at the person that made the yarn.  I think she’s indie, but the yarn had 2 cuts in it while I was winding it and so far I’ve come across THREE spots where the yarn was like split apart and just holding together by one little nylon thread.  So I had to cut the spot and add new yarn in the middle of the row several times now.  Anyway, I’m finally feeling better about this piece.  I started the first of 3 short row sections, so while over the weekend I really didn’t think I was getting anywhere, I finally feel like I may actually get this finished.  I did almost throw in the towel a few times.

I did also sillily decide to cast on for yet another afghan.  Thiis one is the Bernat mystery CAL/KAL.  One clue per week.  I’ve decided to make the crochet version so the first clue was to knit 9 squares in color A and one each in B, C, and D.  So we’ll see.  Good thing about crochet it goes fast, I can make these squares in about 10-15 minutes.  I’ve gotten 6 complete so far.

So that’s all for me, hopefully I’ll sit down soon and organize my thoughts and photos and get everything updated.  I’m painfully behind in the status of all things knit!


2 thoughts on “Knitting: And the knit goes on…..

  1. LOL – and you give ME a hard time about no pictures? Looks like somebody has been hit with a big case of startitis this year. And I love that you used the word “sillily” in your post. 😀

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